Friday, July 20, 2018

The Most Useful Accounts For Finance Twitter: 2018

This week, Bloomberg announced that it is launching a Twitter feed that is optimized for trading, a "real-time feed of curated Twitter data, so that enterprise clients can incorporate the most financially relevant content into their trading algorithms." Read their announcement here.

“Our customers tell us that Twitter data is a vital part of their information-driven trading strategies, helping them uncover early trends and changes in sentiment,” said Tony McManus, Bloomberg Enterprise Data CIO.

“People come to Twitter for breaking news, and this new, real-time Twitter data feed gives finance professionals an increased ability to find meaningful and relevant news with the speed, quality, and accuracy they expect from Bloomberg,” said Bruce Falck, Twitter’s Revenue Product Lead.

If you want to create your own feed of the most useful financial content on Twitter, Jason Goepfert of Sentimentrader has created a list of the 200 most useful accounts (read further here). His list uses data from SparkToro that measures "engagement", i.e., accounts on the most lists whose content generates the most likes, retweets, comments and shares, since these are "more influential, get more visibility, and have more impact."

Here are the top 50, which includes professional traders and investors, financial advisors, fund managers, financial journalists, securities analysts and major news publications.