Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Interview with Financial Sense on Running for Political Office and the Macro Outlook for 2020

I was interviewed by Cris Sheridan of Financial Sense on December 17th.

This was a two-part interview; in the first half, I discuss my current run for political office and the challenges facing small cities; in the second half, I discuss the macro and equity outlook for 2020. If you want to skip around, here are some guideposts:
  • 2 minute mark: my reasons for running for political office
  • 11 minute mark: the challenges facing small towns like ours in the next decade
  • 24 minute mark: the US macro outlook for 2020, with a focus on housing and other leading indicators
  • 32 minute mark: what macro and things like investor sentiment mean for the stock market in the coming year
My thanks to Cris for the opportunity to speak with him and to his editor for making these disparate thoughts seem cogent.

Listen here.

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