Friday, September 6, 2019

September Macro Update: Rising Possibility of a Recession in 2020

Summary: The balance of the macro data remains positive. A recession starting in 2019 is unlikely, but, for the first time, a recession in 2020 is a rising possibility.

The bond market sees weakening growth. The yield curve has 'inverted' (10 year yields less than 2-year yields) ahead of every recession in the past 40 years (dots). The lag between inversion and the start of the next recession has been long: at least 7 months and in several instances as long as 2-3 years. Notably, the yield curve finally inverted in August; on this basis, the current expansion will likely last through 2019 but 2020 is now at risk (from JPM). Enlarge any image by clicking on it.