Friday, November 14, 2014

Zero Hedge Might Be The Smartest Financial Blog Around

We've been blocked by Zero Hedge for 4 years. Anyone who invests knows that equity markets have a far higher probability of rising over time than they do of declining. Pointing out that basic fact to the good folks at Zero Hedge is not appreciated.

But Zero Hedge might be the smartest financial blog around. Why?

Because anyone who writes in finance knows that bearish articles are the most popular. By far. In our experience, a bearish article attracts at least 5 times as many readers as a bullish article. People like to read about The End of Days. No one wants to hear that things are right in the world, even if that's more likely.

Which makes Zero Hedge a brilliant business concept. Write only bearish articles that collect the highest number of hits. Sell advertising. Collect revenues.

If writing in finance is viewed as purely a business endeavor, their model makes the most economic sense. Well done.