Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Who is the author of this blog?

Everyone always wants to know how the story ends. So let's start there.

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Started this blog.

Blocked by Zero Hedge.

SPX at 1500. Said, "I will now spend more time trading." Learned many real time lessons on the way to 666.

Moved back the US and founded consulting firm with two partners. Focus is on corporate and product strategy, especially for medical technology companies. Many large, listed companies are clients.

Joined UBS in Hong Kong. Founded operations in Indonesia, became joint venture president. Suharto family bankers. Within two years, became Asia Money ranked top 6 securities operation (trading, research, sales). Most importantly, ranked higher than Goldman and Morgan.

Ran a private equity group in Hong Kong. Various partners included Jackie Chan and Warren Hellman. Was screwed over in a deal by the son of Asia's largest tycoon. Passed on an investment in an Indian TV company that became a major success. Opened one of the first JVs in Vietnam before the embargo was lifted.

Moved to Australia and Asia, the start of a 10 year adventure.

The start of many years with McKinsey & Company. Worked with automotive, mining, financial, health care and consumer goods companies, as well as several governments. Major frequent flyer.

College. Attended Wharton (Penn). Before first big exam, overheard someone say "this will separate the men from the women and me from Wharton." Roommate became the global finance head of a TBTF bank which made my subsequent position at UBS look like a job in the mailroom.

First great job, as a windsurfing instructor.

First job was in my uncle's bakery. I made hot dog buns.