Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recommended Web Sites

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I recommend bookmarking and regularly visiting the sites listed below. It's a partial list and our apologies for failing to list many others that are equally excellent.

Michael Batnick


Charlie Bilello

Josh Brown

Thomas Bulkowski

Calculated Risk

Tony Caldaro

Ben Carlson

Cobra Chart Book

Steve Deppe

Ryan Detrick

Mark Dow

Tim Duy

Eddy Elfenbein


Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

Financial Sense

Carl Futia

Scott Grannis

Morgan Housel

Mark Hulbert


Index Indicators

JPM Guide To The Markets

Matt Levine

Howard Lindzon

Dana Lyons

Tom McClellan

McMillan Option Strategist

Helene Meisler

Darren Miller


Quantifiable Edges

Barry Ritholtz

Cullen Roche



Brian Shannon

Doug Short

Liz Ann Sonders

Standard & Poors

Stock Traders Almanac

Andrew Thrasher

Trader Feed

Valuation Stats

Vix and More

Ed Yardeni

Not everyone maintains a website, so two recommended Twitter Finance lists are here and here.